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Forcing Hassio to use custom pfsense DNS servers

To get all devices on my network to use my own DNS server Ive setup pfsense as a DNS resolver and set it to advertise itself. The problem is some docker images like Home assistant and Hassio are set to use their own DNS servers.

2 fixes, one is through hassio.

Go to the Hass.io menu in home assistant. Go to the addon store and install the ssh addon.

Setup the ssh port in the options section of the addon, say 2222, start the addo. From there use putty\terminal to ssh to yourip:2222.

From there run

hassio dns options --servers dns://YOUR_PFSENSE_ADDRESS

Then run

hassio dns restart

That will now add your custom DNS server. The problem though, is Home assistant decided that they will still keep and as fallbacks i assume. This results in needless spam in the firewall..

So another fix on top, or really you should replace in its place, at a firewall level apply a NAT rule on DNS to all connections on the interface. That way regardless of the ip, it will just internally NAT to pfsense quietly.

To do that check out this post here

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