ESP01 bricked – Solid red and blue LED

I have been playing around with the Esp01 to build some battery powered IOT devices. As with most playing that involves hardware, I bricked it. So here’s how to unbrick it…

I have the 4/1 mbit and after flashing espeasy and tasmota to test somethings the red and blue led stayed on with the serial port outputting random characters. Even with no communication , red and blue LED stayed on with errors like “chip sync failed”. I tried flashing the blank.bin to fix it but that didn’t work either. The fix?

Using esptool you can run the command --port [YOUR COM PORT]  erase_flash

Download the latest SDK from Espressif and follow the . There are 4 bin files and you write them one by one to the esp. This factory resets the device and everything should be working again. --port [PORT] write_flash -fm qio 0x00000  boot_v1.7.bin

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